We believe we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet and to ensure fairness for all involved in the production of our garments. We are only at the start of our journey, and know we have a long way to go, but we are proud of the start we have made.

We produce under strict ethical standards in small SMETA certified factories in Portugal & Turkey. We chose to produce in Europe as it is renowned for its quality, but also to avoid long and environmentally harmful delivery routes. We work directly with our factories so we have full transparency of the production process from the sourcing of our fabrics, the dyeing and printing of our designs, and the making of our garments.

The message on our tags reads 'Please pass me onto a friend when you're ready to say goodbye'. We want to ensure our garments have an extensive lifecycle to help protect the environment. We achieve this through both the consideration of fabrics we’re using and our approach to design. 

  • Fabrics: We source long-lasting, premium cotton that is kind to the skin. We use 200-220 GSM cotton as a minimum, the perfect weight to be worn all year round and will last wash after wash. Our latest collection is made using 100% organic cotton, and we are committed to producing all future collections using sustainable fabrics that are kind to both children and the planet.
  • Design: Our prints are designed to be timeless and unisex. You won’t find a boys and girls section on our website as we design with both in mind, and carefully consider the colour palette for each collection. We want our clothes to be passed down to siblings and friends regardless of their gender.

We produce in small batches to avoid waste, and work with skilled makers to ensure we are minimising fabric scraps and off-cuts.

We are working towards becoming plastic free although we are not there yet. We are working with our factory to reduce the amount of plastic used during shipment, and where it is used it is recyclable.

All of the packaging we source and send to our customers is also recycled, recyclable and biodegradable.


We plant trees with Ecologi