Pen Pals

Pen Pals

A while ago, a friend introduced us to Banjo the cat. Banjo travels all over the world, something we are very jealous of right now, and shares stories of his travels with lots of children, including ours.

Our little one loves receiving his own personal air mail letter from his pen pal Banjo. He loves to find the latest country Banjo has visited on his map...

child exploring map

He enjoys reading about all the adventures his friend has been on, and learning about the landmarks, animals and traditions of each place...

child colouring map

He writes back each time, telling Banjo all about his own adventures and favourite things...

child writing a letter

We are creating a keepsake scrap book for each country where we keep the letter from Banjo, the letter our little one writes and 'posts' back, the country guides and recipes we receive, and finally, a firm favourite of all children, a place for all the stickers!

children's scrap book

This makes for a great rainy day activity and it's so cute to see he truly believes in Banjo the cat.

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